MAC'S Lift Gate Inc.
2801 South Street
Long Beach, CA 90805
Phone: (800) 795-MACS(6227)
Fax: 562-529-3466

Top Innovation 2013
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Welcome to Mac's Lift Gate. Your place on the Net for Premier Lifts!
The Mac’s Lift is designed and engineered for everyday use.
Mac's Lifts are easy to operate, easy to install and virtually maintenance free.
Every safety detail has been carefully designed.
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Tommy Gate Lifts

Tommy Gate's most experienced Servicing Dealer in Southern California
We Stock Repair Parts!

Rail Lift


Mac's Rail Lift System

Model: MRLS-800 - 800 LBs.
For Electric Carts and Vehicles

Mac's Vertical Home Lifts

Models: PL‐50 & PL‐72
New Model: PL‐90