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New Ambulances For Plus Sized Patients

NASHVILLE, Tenn.- The rising obesity rates in Tennessee are forcing paramedics to use new equipment to help patients. Bariatric Ambulances are becoming more common across the state because they feature larger vehicles and wider stretchers.

"We use them quite often," said Randy Maner, the Training Manager for First Call Ambulance Service, "we want to provide the highest level of care for all patients, and this allows us to do that."

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COT Injury Prevention

EMS equipment manufacturing is an evolving industry increasingly more focused on ergonomic equipment design. In addition, the implementation of programs that instruct EMS personnel on proper lifting techniques has also helped reduce the number of injuries.

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Patients are getting larger. How can a provider stay safe?

As the largest nonemergency transport company in its state, MedRide Oklahoma Critical Care Transport gets an insider’s view of patient trends. And like leaders elsewhere in the U.S., MedRide administrators have seen a growing need to serve bariatric patients. This led the service to develop the only fully equipped bariatric transport unit in Oklahoma. The MICU-equipped ambulance has a Mac Lift that will raise up to 1,300 lbs. of patient and equipment and can carry any of MedRide’s four Ferno POWERFlexx powered ambulance cots, which will lift up to 700 pounds of patient or hold 1,000-plus pounds in the lowered position.

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With the lift, providers need no longer hoist their largest patients into ambulances manually

Across the U.S., patients are getting bigger, and posing an increased risk of injury to the EMTs and paramedics who lift and carry them. Smart services have responded by taking measures to protect their personnel, and in Boston that’s included outfitting a special bariatric ambulance with an automated lift from California-based Mac’s Lift Gate.

With the lift, providers need no longer hoist their largest patients into ambulances manually. They’re instead positioned on a lift platform and raised hydraulically at a simple touch.

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Boston To Use New Ambulance Lift, Stretcher For Obese Patients

BostonROXBURY (CBS) – The obesity problem in America has been creating some unique challenges for emergency workers, as some patients they are trying to save are too large for the emergency equipment.

Boston now has a solution to that problem: a custom-made hydraulic lift capable of lifting 1,000 pounds.

Why would Boston EMT’s need such power?

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Johnson County Med-Act unveils new ambulance for oversized patients

BostonOLATHE, Kansas - As Americans get larger, the work for paramedics gets tougher.

A division chief for Johnson County Med-Act estimates the county's paramedics will handle about 50 calls this year involving patients weighing in excess of 450 pounds.

To lighten the load Med-Act has converted one of its ambulances to a bariatric ambulance. It debuts this week. The vehicle has a special lift in the back that enables paramedics to load large patients with the push of a button.

Dispatchers will send it on calls where the patient exceeds 450 pounds.

Med-Act is considering adding more bariatric ambulances to its fleet when new ambulances come in.

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Morbidly Obese Get Special Ambulance

BostonOVERLAND PARK, Kan. -- Johnson County Med-Act is adding a special unit to handle a weighty issue, officials said.

The company becomes the first in the area to get a special bariatric ambulance. Officials said the ambulance is designed for patients weighing at least 450 pounds and is expected to be used at least once a week.

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